Spatial planning and organisation /2002/ / Launch Project

time: 09:01min / featuring: Monika Bębenek, Magdalena Golon, Alicja Karska, Aleksandra Went / music: Marcin Zieliński

The plot of the film develops in the construction of a never-finished building, planned to be a hotel. This technologically outmoded skeleton made of prefabricated concrete and steel, resembles the remains of a modernistic “chic” of socialist buildings. Such structure determines behaviour of girls dressed as chamber maids. They are running up and down the stairs, rushing into non-existent rooms, making beds and start getting to sleep. They continue with their activities even when a group of workers appears and starts dismantling the construction of the building. The shots of dismantling overlap with the shots of girls still repeating their activities in a hypnotic trance.

karska went projektowanie